In Sara's Words...
Retirement wasn’t an option for me. I knew in my heart I could still help one more family and hold one more hand.  In my mind, I needed to continue to remind people that only the body ages but the mind continues to dream and hope. 
We tend to forget that the senior in front of us is beautiful. They have history…diversity of jobs… memorable life experiences that can entertain for hours…and limitless knowledge that can teach daily lessons.  Do we really take the time to listen to them with our hearts? Do we really give them a chance to tell us their story, what they want and what they aspire to be and do?
And so ESP was born. Elite Seniors Planning was a natural transition for me to continue to enjoy getting up every morning, working with the mothers and fathers who built our communities and remembering that we are who we are because of them. ESP was a way for me to continue to touch their hearts and create the magic they are looking for.  The knowledge, the love and the personal reward and gratification for me are endless. 
I have been blessed with a good life and loving family.  Wherever I go, touching peoples lives and giving them my “all’ is the best achievement and award I can receive. At ESP, it’s exactly who we are.  

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“It’s all about creating magic in your golden years.”
- Sara Tripodi


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